Engagement models
for software development

Hire on-demand professionals to develop a new application or evolve existing software to save from 40% cost.

Globalluxsoft delivers qualified engineers and teams to serve the skill needs of software development with design, front-end, back-end and testing services.

By providing in-depth expertise in web and mobile applications, SaaS, MVP, Manufacturing-as-a-Services and business process management solutions we help tech founders and team leads of Industry 4.0 businesses with building software suited to their needs.

Our engagement models

Staff Augmentation
Augment your internal team with the best talents that perform externally to fill specific skills and expertise gaps in your company. Keep full control over each part of the project, delivery and quality of the product.
Dedicated team
Get assistance and the necessary tools for handling your outsourced team as an in-house one. It might include developers, QAs, designers, project managers, and others. We take care of talent administration, business processes integration, and delivery management.

Key benefits of team expansion with Globalluxsoft

Flexible Engagement Models
Depending on your business goal, we provide the engagement model to match your innovation agenda.
100% transparency
Get full control over each part of your project.
Save up to 40% development cost
Software developers rates in Ukraine are more reasonable than in-house specialists or in EU & US.
Easy administration
We take care of administration and HR and provide technical infrastructure, encourage continued education and stimulate the professional growth of your team.
Scalable teams
Team of highly-skilled developers able to be scaled up and down according to your project needs.
Fast time to market
Get a great talent pool and the domain expertise you need to speed up your product launch.
Why us?
Domain awareness
20+ Industry 4.0 delivered projects
Premium support and quality
5.0 rating on Clutch.co
40% reducing costs
Time savings
4-6 weeks to get MVP

How we will work with you?

We have an equal mix of technical expertise, domain awareness, and soft skills to meet your culture and business requirements. Whether our cooperation based on a temporary or long-term contract, team-based or project-based staff extension - you'll feel our professionals are your in-house team. We put 24/7 attention to every client!
Analyzing your requirements
Discussing screened resume,
interviewing shortlisted candidates
Assigning your extended team
Signing NDA and contract. Starting project.
How we can help
We provide in-depth expertise in custom software systems, digital platforms, SaaS tools, CRM and ERP solutions, MVP development, and IoT monitoring and data access solutions using emerging technology.

Our Expertise

Industries we served
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