Digitalization and automation
for Industry 4.0 businesses

Digitalization and automation
for Industry 4.0 businesses

Globalluxsoft is a full-lifecycle company that focuses on software development services for Industry 4.0 businesses to facilitate our clients with managing their success.

We assist growing or well-established companies across manufacturing, healthcare, education and on-demand market industries to provide new products or services and reach their business goals through using our industry-specific software expertise.
Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0 Benefits
of labor costs could be eliminated
by up to 40%
increase machine life
up to 85%
forecasting accuracy increase
in EBITDA margin improvements
How we can help
We provide in-depth expertise in custom software systems, digital platforms, SaaS tools, CRM and ERP solutions, MVP development, and IoT monitoring and data access solutions using emerging technology.
Technology stack

Our Expertise

Why us?
Premium support and quality in software development. 20+ delivered project for Industry 4.0 businesses
Domain awareness
20+ Industry 4.0 delivered projects
Premium support and quality
5.0 rating on
40% of reduced costs
Time saving
4-6 weeks to get MVP
Premium support and quality in software development. 20+ delivered project for Industry 4.0 businesses
Our clients love us
Brian Herbert
CTO in MakeTime
Working with GlobalLuxSoft has been great for us and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their development efforts. They were able to take complex challenges from inception to production with little handholding from our internal team. Their QA team is next to none, ensuring very few issues made it into releases.
Ian Yang
CEO in Gantri
We wouldn't have anything to show without their software engineering. We're able to ensure the quality of their work through a multi-person process. There are never any issues with deadlines. We're all on Slack and if I ever have any problems, I reach out. As long it's not too late where they are, everything gets answered within a few minutes.
Kyrill Zlobenko
COO in ECozy
The Globalluxsoft team is effectively and productively helping our project. They are very reliable, thorough in a working process, friendly and extremely transparent in communication.
Case study

IoT application for Smart Home Automation Service

eCozy is a German-based startup producing a Red Dot Design awarded IoT thermostat for water radiators.

The client was building a device that uses a design-driven approach and helps save up to 30% of annual heating costs. A smart heating solution consists of a system with a touchscreen thermostat-controlled central unit and an application for iOS and Android for remote management. The main challenge was to offer a much better user experience by eliminating the pain of setup, calibration, and the maintenance of a digital thermostat.
Internet of Things (IoT) application for Smart Home Automation Service
Our Approach
We take care of you at every step of the way and lead your product to success because we believe that our client's prize is our achievement. Our team delivers a solution, not just code to finding the best technical decision to reach your goals.

We practice an agile approach to software development with 12 principles to encourage a healthy, productive relationship between the client and Globalluxsoft, this leads to mutual benefit and satisfaction.

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Engagement Models
We work with clients and partners from the US and the EU. Our focus on innovative approaches, technological leadership and excellence in project management practices turn Globalluxsoft into the most suitable partner for software development and IT outsourcing. To approach clients' goals we build effective developer teams by providing them with highly-skilled engineers in our R&D office based on the different cooperation models.
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