Software Testing and
Quality Assurance

Manual and automated testing that helps to accelerate releases and fix bugs before they go into production.

As the QA procedure is integrated into our software development lifecycle, it assists the development team in preventing issues with the product and meets the requirements. Testing the product is an essential part of the quality assurance that inspects the system in order to find bugs.

The functionality of features of any software should be assessed, evaluated, and authenticated. This is the way to significant savings by reducing the number of substantiated claims, decreasing the resources involved in the refinement, correction, and maintenance of the system.

Speed up your market entry with testing and QA

Test for usability
Developing data and test scripts
Compatibility testing
Test for functionality
Performance testing
Compatibility testing
Security testing
Testing of a new implementation
Test for integration
Test for non-functionality

The cost of an undiscovered bug or error in Industry 4.0 can be too high. You critically need testing for better outputs:

  • Finding defects that prevent the program from running smoothly.
  • Assessing the level of a product's quality and informing the stakeholders.
  • Making sure the final results correspond to business specifications and user requirements.
  • Decreasing development time.
  • Boosting profit potential.
  • Gaining the customer's loyalty by offering a quality product.
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Services we provide

QA, testing and test data management to achieve an expected level of quality.
To providing a Test Plan, planning and execution of risk-based testing, industry-specific testing, and test data management to achieve an expected level of quality.
Manual testing for software solutions
Manual testing
To test every aspect of the software and ensure the solution meets user expectations, and functions as required.
Automated testing for software solutions
Automated testing
To automate some of the basic manual tests related to a functionality check in order to speed up the process and sift out problems quickly prior to sending it to production.
Unit testing
Unit testing
To test every app feature at different development stages to validate that each unit works properly as designed.
Mobile testing
Mobile testing
Manual or automated testing quality, usability, and security of mobile apps on different platforms.
API testing
API testing
To make sure that API interfaces are not broken as the project progresses and new changes are introduced.

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