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All of our clients get not just quality software but raise the millions of funding from investors and revenue from customers.

About Globalluxsoft

Globalluxsoft, as a full-lifecycle company, completely focuses on software development services for Industry 4.0 businesses in order to facilitate our clients with managing their future. For 7 years Globalluxsoft team strives for excellence through searching exceptional business opportunities and new ideas across manufacturing, healthcare, education and on-demand market industries.

With headquarters in Lexington, the USA, and R&D center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, we successfully develop solutions for our customers from the USA, Australia, and EU. At that, Globalluxsoft professionals apply our best practices for developing the best ready-to-use solutions.


Based on technology and domain competencies we help tech founders in on-demand, manufacturing, education and healthcare businesses with finding effective solutions to launch and enhance their ideas ASAP.
We work with growing or well-established companies to help them implement the Industry 4.0 concept across business and manufacturing processes and stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly changing world of automation.
We assist startups, small and medium enterprises, technology and product companies to provide new products and services, maximize efficiency and reach their business goals through using our industry-specific software expertise.
Globalluxsoft provides in-depth expertise in custom software systems, digital platforms, SaaS tools, CRM and ERP solutions, MVP development, and IoT monitoring and data access technologies.


We take an agile approach to software development with 12 principles. These processes and methods are designed to encourage a healthy, productive relationship between clients and Globalluxsoft, leading to mutual benefit and satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority at all times.
Welcome changes throughout the project, and support a flexible project design and timeline.
Deliver final, functioning software as early as possible, and deliver functioning prototypes at key stages of development.
Encourage open communication between business and technical staff on a daily basis.
Assign motivated professionals to the project team, and equip them with the environment and tools for success.
Recognize the benefit of face-to-face communication, and use it on a daily basis.
Functioning software is the primary measure of progress and final success.
Implement processes that make it possible to sustain consistent and reliable progress.
Remain dedicated to technical and design excellence.
Focus on simplicity, reducing the steps necessary to complete each task.
Include the execution team in the planning process, valuing their input regarding architecture, requirements, and design.
Regularly review performance and results, with an eye on improving processes and methods regularly.
Benefits you get beyond the coding
Engineering best practices, top-notch technologies, and best pools of talent in software development - get this and even more with Globalluxsoft
Smooth and reliable communication flow
On-demand scalable up and down team based on your current goals
Test-driven, detail-oriented QA staff with a focus on releasing
Partnership approach encouraging respect for your time and money resources
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art

Our Expertise