Power your on-demand business by integrating offline supply and online demand

Provide a new dimension to your business by partnering with a highly experienced on-demand software development company. We can help you to get to the top of your business in this uber-like industry.

We specialize in digital platforms and marketplace creation to fulfill online consumer demand enabling interactions between customers and service providers.

On-demand Solution Includes:
  • Backend admin management panel with dispatcher & billing modules
  • Business iOS App
  • Business Android App
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Landing Page
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Services we deliver
The Globalluxsoft team helps enterprises to maximize their efficiency and reach the business goals in the form of app-based services and marketplaces based on the process of automation
Web and mobile apps development
SaaS solutions
AI and Geo-location implementing
Automation Systems integration
Design Interfaces
Remote development resources

Benefits from on-demand solutions:

Security and scalability
Increase in sales
Real-time tracking
Feedback and customization
Case study

On-demand platform for 3D printing and CNC machining

Cloballuxsoft worked with the executive team to develop a core product from a minimal prototype through MVP stages and two rounds of funding. Our team helped bring the MVP to life - leading a total platform rebuild, from top to bottom with little hand-holding from the main office.

Since the main goal was to make CNC machining production straightforward and simple, our web development team built a reliable and easy-to-use online platform for both buyers and sellers.

Our clients love us
Brian Herbert
CTO in MakeTime
Working with GlobalLuxSoft has been great for us and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their development efforts. They were able to take complex challenges from inception to production with little handholding from our internal team. Their QA team is next to none, ensuring very few issues made it into releases.
Ian Yang
CEO in Gantri
We wouldn't have anything to show without their software engineering. We're able to ensure the quality of their work through a multi-person process. There are never any issues with deadlines. We're all on Slack and if I ever have any problems, I reach out. As long it's not too late where they are, everything gets answered within a few minutes.
Kyrill Zlobenko
COO in ECozy
The Globalluxsoft team is effectively and productively helping our project. They are very reliable, thorough in a working process, friendly and extremely transparent in communication.

Our Expertise

Industries we served
On-demand businesses
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