Title: AI-powered platform for marketing automation with an online marketplace for advertiser-to-publisher collaboration.

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Services and Expertise: Marketing Automation | Enterprise Software | SaaS |Marketplace

Business needs
Invoca, a US-based company, is an industry-leading provider of call marketing automation solutions.

The client's purpose was to create an AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics platform for marketers to use real-time call and conversational analytics to maximize the return of their paid media campaigns in Google and Facebook.

It improves the buying experience by enriching customer profiles in Salesforce and Adobe Experience Cloud.
Globalluxsoft assisted in developing a Call Performance Marketing platform with a set of features both for advertisers and publishers in order to set up and manage call-based promotions with a user-friendly interface.

The software allows to track and attribute calls using dynamic phone numbers. It collates online and offline data in a single call profile that it uses to personalize call routing. And, leveraging rule-based call analytics and AI, Invoca classifies and segments conversations while detecting call outcomes such as purchases made, appointments set, or applications submitted.
Key Features
Tracking and attribution of calls using a dynamic phone number;
Unifying online and offline data into a single call profile;
Managing all media types and creative, partners, campaigns, and payouts in one place;
Detecting call topics and outcomes with AI-power conversational analytics

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Business impact

The result of our work turned into a cloud-based platform that gave the businesses the power to set up and manage all offline, online and mobile marketing efforts in one place.
150 %
Application performance was increased by 50% after internal API refactoring.
110 %
The number of customers was increased by up to 10% after improving and extending the existing functionality
175 %
Software bookings increased by 75%
The platform helps its clients grow revenue across all marketing channels by delivering seamless integration, clear attribution, and practical analytics.
The company has signed up with heavy-hitting customers like Dish Network, OpenTable, Vivant, AmTrust, Credit.com, Frontier Communications, LendingTree, Genesys, Mayo Clinic, Navistar, SunTrust, Samsung, University Hospitals, and U.S. Bank
Platform has strategic partnerships with Google, Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

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