Title: IoT application for Smart Home Automation Service

Industry: Manufacturing, Energy, IoT

Services and Expertise: Software development | Mobile Development | IoT application | E-commerce

Business Needs

eCozy is a Germany-based startup producing a Red Dot Design awarded IoT thermostat for water radiators.

The client built a device that uses a design-driven approach and helped to save up to 30% of annual heating costs. A smart heating solution consists of a system with a touchscreen thermostat-controlled central unit and an application for iOS and Android for remote management.

The main challenge was to offer a much better user experience by eliminating the pain of setup, calibration, and the maintenance of a digital thermostat.


The team at GlobalLuxSoft was hired to solve challenges that none of a few outsourced technical teams were able to do - to create both Android and iOS mobile software to manage IoT hardware devices.
The team integrated hardware and industrial protocols into the app. In particular, we integrated a CIP protocol and voice commands through the API using Amazon and Alexa.
Our engineers used a lot of protocols from the real world that should have been integrated with both the software and the hardware.
We helped our client move forward on the project side, as well as the technological side. Over a few weeks, the team at Globalluxsoft worked quickly with the marketing team to provide custom static content presentations, drip-campaign automation, and a virtual showroom.

Key Features

It's easy to create a Heating plan within the app to control and reduce heating costs;
Eliminates the need to go to the thermostat to push buttons on it;
Control your energy consumption remotely for each thermostat by using the app without an Internet connection;
The heating control in the eCozy mobile app is totally child-friendly;
User can adjust the temperature easily and intuitive right on the Touch display;
Notifies the users if they have to change the temperature or warns them if the temperature has changed too fast;

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Business Impact

The app developed by Globalluxsoft has made it easy for the client to grow the startup and raise money as well to save heating money for the users and provide them excellent user experience.
-30 %
Saves up to 30% of annual heating costs.
90 sec
The installation of eCozy smart thermostat takes only 90 seconds.
99 %
Compatible with 99% of all heaters
The project received a loan of 350 thousand euro from the German bank and more than 100 thousand dollars from business angels.
It ran a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $700k.
It was ranked as one of the Top-30 of the most promising energy startups.
An adaptive algorithm for heating control was awarded the Bavarian Ministry of Energy.
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