Title: Online platform and marketplace for creating and buying 3D printed products.

Industry: Manufacturing

Services & Expertise: Platform development | E-commerce | Team augmentation

Business needs

Gantri is an online platform and marketplace for premium design products. It connects fans of the modern design of everyday things and inspired industrial designers. The brilliant-feature of this product is on-demand manufacturing using 3D-printers.

The client was looking to bring on an engineering team for working on everything software related including shopping, create, and admin parts.


GlobalLuxSoft took on full-stack engineers for a 3D printing business. We contributed to all aspects of the website using an Angular module and remain responsible for further software engineering.
Globalluxsoft engineers have been working on all aspects of the platform from the get-go:

  • the shopping side where customers are able purchase products;

  • the create module where designers come to work, check the stats on sales of products, and manage their profiles;

  • the admin side that is an internal tool for tracking and making the products.
Also in the process, we did a migration from MongoDB to Postgres. The key part of the product development was a multi-step quality assurance process to produce the highest quality code.
Key Features
Custom e-commerce module for shopping including ApplePay, GooglePay and Affirm.
Ability to check the sale status of the goods, upload the products, and manage the profiles in the designers module.
Admin panel for tracking and managing the processes.

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Business Impact
After the platform was realized the client attracted the best design talents by achieving benefits to both independent designers and customers.
Gantri has raised a total of $1.3M in funding.
Designers are given the ability to bypass numerous hurdles in order to get their ideas to market.
The possibility to have access to modern design options in a proper price range due to 3D printing.
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