The Challenges of Building an EdTech Company:
report 2020 from Globalluxsoft

This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the conditions, trends and challenges existing in the EdTech market as of 2020. It will be useful for entrepreneurs who plan to enter this scene and want to make informed decisions based on credible statistics and facts.
E-learning adoption in facts
To get this information, we performed a comprehensive analysis of the EdTech market based on public sources and surveyed several dozens EdTech company CEOs. This helped form a concise yet in-depth snapshot of the global EdTech market including growth rates, investment volumes, main market segment spread and the challenges faced by market players.

  • The global EdTech market grows 17-25% annually

  • The total spending on EdTech is projected to go from $152B in 2018 to $342B in 2025

  • 43% of all EdTech companies are situated in the U.S.

  • Technology spend grew to 4th top priority of educational institutions.
This report also covers the challenges an EdTech company has to overcome, based on the input from several dozens of entrepreneurs in this field. The most pressing problems they face are as follows:

  • 32% of EdTech startups face to long sales cycles to break into the education sector

  • 42% of founders are working on how to fast and best monetize their e-Learning solutions

  • 22% of respondents want to improve user experience by making better UI/UX moments that can significantly affect the whole progress on the way to market success.
To learn more about the major challenges EdTechs are overcoming in product functionality, along with business goals and industry barriers, and get insights on how to overcome these challenges — download the full report here:

The Challenges of Building an EdTech Company.

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