Business needs

Our client's main goal was to create a corporate system for establishing communication between employees with complex web functionality. In the long run, it will be available as an SaaS platform.
Case study


Our experts developed a web application from scratch (turnkey). In the long run the web application will be available to users as an SaaS-platform for the exchange of skills, mentoring and solving complex problems. Amongst the implemented functionality these features stand out:

  • Two-way integration with Outlook Online and its Desktop versions – meetings created in the application can be received in Outlook, and also created in Outlook – in the application. In this case, requests and invitations to the meeting are synchronized with the calendar of the sender and the recipient; there is will also be the possibility to offer a different date and time of the meeting;
  • The notification system;
  • Internal messenger;
  • The mechanism of recommendations for the 1st functional part of the web application
  • The main issue of the project was synchronization with Outlook API (shortcomings in the documentation, lack of support for simple Microsoft accounts in the main API version – having to use the beta version).
The work on the project is organized according to Scrum methodology.
Business Impact
of employees with online mentoring programs including Headquarters and branches.
Speed up
Scaling the practice of mentoring thus speeded up the on-boarding processes twice.
– 50%
Decrease employees turnover in the company by 50%
– 30%
Recruitment costs
A decrease in recruitment costs by 30%
Technologies used:
Spring Boot
Microsoft Graph API
Angular 5
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