Business needs
The client is an online bank that has been certified by PCI SSC 3.0 and provides lightning-fast cross border money transfers.
The goal was to run the online bank which in the initial stages was able to serve 200,000 customers per day and automatically scale to millions of customers without additional development activity.
The challenges

The main challenges we dealt with were banking software crush at the simultaneous operation of only 500 clients along with hackers and DDOS attacks susceptibility.
The internal software development department lagged for 6 months with the delivery deadlines.

The customer retention rate decreased due to the lack of an effective customer support system.
Case study


Due to the skilled development team, it was possible to turn the MVP of an online bank into a sustainable, secure and scalable financial platform.

To reach the client's goals we:

  • Designed IT solutions for a sustainable online bank operating.

  • Migrated from an outdated, unsupported open source a framework to a supported, commercial one.

  • Deployed the system using a number of Amazon Web Services

  • Brought progressive practices into the software development process.

  • Implemented Zendesk and Binotel in customer support centers.

Business Impact
The upgraded solution allowed serving up to 1 million customers per day without loss of quality and ensured compliance with industry-standard safety standards.
6 months
The system was released to production 6 months earlier.
The сustomer's retention rate increased by 150%.
The developed product is ready to server 3000+ customers per second and operates with a high level of reliability.
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