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  • Faster time-to-MVP
  • Bridge teams for MVP+
  • Rock-solid QA
  • Move roadmap forward
  • scable
    Scalable Teams

    Product and QA Teams built for you and scale as you grow.

  • tec
    Latest Technologies

    Fluent in all the latest development trends and tech

  • quality
    Quality / Speed

    Test-driven, detail-oriented QA staff with a focus on releasing

Highly-skilled, product-minded individuals

Globalluxsoft, LLC is a full-lifecycle company focused on software development services. We present a rare combination of cross-industry experience and thorough technological domain expertise.


Driving the tech that drives your business

  • PHP
  • Capistrano
  • Node.js
  • Rails
  • Mobile
  • Platform
  • Frameworks
  • Machine Learning
  • CMS
  • Applications
  • CRM
  • Automation
  • HTML5
  • Front-end
  • QA
  • Hardware APIs
  • Dev ops
  • CSS3
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Server Management
  • MongoDB
  • Javascript
  • Angular.js
  • iOS
  • .Net
  • Android
  • AWS
  • GoogleCloud
  • GoLang
  • C#

How can we help you go global?

What are some areas you need help with?

Helping you win. Here’s how we do it:

Requirements Gathering

Every project & release starts with an agreement on outcomes and business objectives. We then work to understand fully what is needed to move.

Technical & Design Specifications

We then work up a technical plan & design specifications. Each plan is presented, discussed, iterated on and finally used as our guideline for deliverables.


We are fast and felxible and are able to work in a variety of styles. From Agile to Scrum, Kanbahn and more, we do what needs to be done to get you to market.


We are rigorous about testing, often using a TDD (Test- Driven-Development) approach. Our QA team is second to none and verifies a successful delivery.

Delivery & Approval

We stage our final project and demo for final approval. Your project is finally able to be deployed and we will begin planning for your next successful release.

Case Studies

  • Platform devlopment |
  • Team augmentation |
  • MVP+

The challenge

Globalluxsoft helped bring the MVP to life - leading a total rebuild, from top to bottom with little hand-holding from the main office.

The result

MakeTime’s new platform gathered the largest amount of available CNC time worldwide. Globalluxsoft stayed on as a partner for over a year, helping to move the product roadmap forward.

Globalluxsoft developed the software platform, and now perform ongoing maintenance and system upgrades.

Kyrill Zlobenko, COO

“The Globalluxsoft team is effectively and productively helping our project. They are very reliable, thorough in a working process, friendly and extremely transparent in communication.”

The challenge

Globalluxsoft helped augment the need to hire an in-house development team. Working on eCommerce, Design and Admin.

The result

Gantri’s new website allows designers to upload and sell new, 3D-Printed lighting products. The eCommerce store allows customers to purchase direct. Sales have been flowing and Gantri is thriving.

Globalluxsoft helped bring the MakeTime MVP to market and stayed on for over a year, moving the roadmap forward.

Brian Herbert, CTO

“Working with GlobalLuxSoft has been great for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their development efforts. They were able to take complex challenges from inception to production with little handholding from our internal team. Their QA team is next to none, ensuring very few issues made it into releases.”

The challenge

ECozy hired Globalluxsoft to integrate with thermostat APIs and build a management app to help with smarthome management.

The result

ECozy’s platform serves thousands of customers in Germany and throughout Europe. Globalluxsoft has stayed on, working on new projects and perforeming system upgrades and ongoing maintenance.

Ian Yang, CEO

“We wouldn’t have anything to show without their software engineering. We’re able to ensure the quality of their work through a multi-person process. There are never any issues with deadlines. We’re all on Slack and if I ever have any problems, I reach out. As long it’s not too late where they are, everything gets answered within a few minutes.”

Let us help you get to market and expand your capabilities

It starts with a conversation. Let’s chat and hear about your current needs. We’ll asses how Globalluxsoft scalable teams and services can help drive you forward.

What are some areas you need help with?